Solar Aquaponics GOLD

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-written by Colle and Phyllis Davis

Published by Concept to Licensing, LLC - Second Edition 2020

Table of Contents

  • CHAPTER 1: The Value of Solar Power
  • CHAPTER 2: State of the Art Solar Aquaponics System in Southern Florida
  • CHAPTER 3: What Will ‘Going Solar’ do for you?
  • CHAPTER 5: Maximizing the Resources of the Solar Powered Aquaponics Systems
  • CHAPTER 6: Grow Food in Cities – Urban Agriculture
  • CHAPTER 7: Survival Farms and Gardens

Let us show you HOW, WHY, WHAT, WHERE and HOW MUCH it costs to install your own solar powered system for YOUR aquaponics system.

What Will ‘Going Solar’ do for you?

• Reduce the worry of a power failure that could impact your fish.

• Reduce the cost of electrical power from your house. Our system will take about 2 years to pay for itself because so little power is needed for the Portable Farms®.

• Increasing the solar installation size to run Grow Lights for winter growing will quadruple the size/cost and will take about 3.5 years to pay off depending on the size of the installation.

• Give you well-earned bragging rights.

• Reduce your carbon footprint.

The purpose of this ebook is to explain some basic information regarding the application of solar power with aquaponics.

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Solar Aquaponics GOLD

0 ratings