New Leader Assimilation (NLA) Program

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New Leader Assimilation (NLA) Program

Concept to Licensing LLC
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Conduct your own New Leader Assimilation (NLA) Program in house.

The New Leader Assimilation Program introduces your new leaders and their staff to each other in a half-day (4-hour) or less. This NLA Program shortens the time frame for relationship building from many months to a few hours. This easy-to-follow program is affordable, high energy, interactive and enjoyable for your staff.

This report was created by Colle Davis, CMC - Certified Master Coach, CEO, Concept to Licensing LLC, a Virginia-based company, USA. http://mycoach.com cdavis@mycoach.com - 804-467-1536. Colle Davis has been an Executive Coach for 35 years and has conducted many New Leader Assimilation (NLA) Programs for large companies and startups. 

Benefits for New Leadership Assimilation Program:

  • Affordable

  • Requires only a half-day of staff time.

  • Offers immediate benefits and payback.

  • Interactive, high energy and FUN for the staff.

Our New Leader Assimilation Program Report offers:

  • A Facilitator’s Guide to conduct the Program

  • A Participant’s Guide that explains the process for asking questions and providing impressions to their New Leader

  • A New Leader’s guide to support their process for answering the questions and creating a positive impression with their direct reports.

The New Leader Assimilation Program is a six-step process that offers a new leader’s support staff an opportunity to ask an array of questions to their new leader while giving their impressions of their new leader in a safe and supportive environment. It uses the fastest and most effective resources for creating working teams. It may not be magic, but the immediate results seem like magic.

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